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Monthly Accounting Services:


Our office provides monthly accounting services to our clients. These services are beneficial to a client because it allows them to manage their finances on a timely basis and be pro-active to the ever changing business climate. As we go through each step in the process, clients have access to their records through net client where they can review on-line financial statements, tax returns, bank statements, and payroll returns.


We go through a great deal of effort not just to process our client's monthly accounting work, but collaborate with them so that they can better manage their business.


We offer:

- Monthly Traditional Accounting Services

- Quarterly Accounting Services

- Annual Accounting Services


There is a shoe in stock for every size of foot.

Other Accounting Services we offer:
Tax Preparation Services

1040 Individual Tax Returns

1120 Corporate Tax Returns

1065 Partnership Tax Returns

1041 Trust Tax Returns

990 Non Profit Tax Returns





Payroll Tax Processing

After the Fact Payroll Processing

Live Employee Payroll Processing

Employee Direct Deposit

Preparation of Quarterly Tax Returns





Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Our staff will serve as your inhouse accounting staff. We will pay your vendor bills, process your payroll, reconcile your checking account, prepare weekly cash flow projections & budget reports. With our PASS Service all the business owner needs to do is make the business income/deposits at the bank. Our staff will do the rest for you.


All bills, reports and files are available 24/7 through net client, our secure client portal system







Small Business Accounting

Our firm offers traditional "write-up" accounting services. Typically clients drop off their monthly bank statement, check stubs, and credit card statements. Once we process these transactions in our accounting system, we will produce a monthly or quarterly financial statement for the client.

The financial statement is a snapshot of their business, its finances, and its overall financial position.








Shepherd's Hands

Our firm assists non-profit organizations with their accounting operations. Most CPA firms try their best stay away from non-profit organizations. Their accounting & tax needs are unique and ever changing. Our firm offers:


Compliance & Tax Reviews

Contribution Statement Preparation

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Hosted QuickBooks

1023 Application Preparation





CPA Tax Express

Some of client have simple tax returns. Typically, these consist of a few W-2's, Mortgage Interest, Charitable Deductions.......

In an effort to streamline the tax preparation process, we have developed CPA Tax Express. It allows us to process your tax return in one sitting. You come in, and in most cases leave with a filed tax return.

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