QuickBooks in a hosted environment:

As a Next Generation CPA Firm we are always striving to help our clients improve the efficiency of their accounting procedures but also provide timely, accurate & meaningful accounting services.  One way we do this is by collaborating with our client’s accounting staff.  The primary resource we use is establishing secure client web portals allowing our clients to log into QuickBooks remotely in a hosted environment.

By using hosted QuickBooks both the client and our firm have access to the client’s accounting records.  When errors are made by the client, we can easily correct them.  In addition, on a monthly basis, it is simple to reconcile the client’s checking account and prepare financial statements.  With timely financial statements, we can better predict and help our client manage their taxes.  By proper planning, we help our client not just anticipate their taxes, but lower them as well.  The best tax planning occurs throughout the year, not on New Year’s Eve.

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Client Access - Accounting CS

Client Access - Accounting CS:

For the majority of our clients, our office uses Accounting CS to process our client's accounting needs.  Client Access CS allows our firm and the client to both enter transactions using a single data base structure.  This seamless methods allows our firm to provide accounting services in real time.  We both see the same accounting information, and the client can print meaningful current real time financial statements.

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