About our firm:
I consider our firm be a “Next Generation CPA” firm. We offer the same services as traditional CPA firms do, however, it is our desire to help our clients navigate through these changing times. We meet regularly with our clients to discuss tax law changes, their operations, and ways they may better improve their business’ success.

Our client have chosen our firm to help them with their accounting & tax needs because they realize that in today’s environment, they require a CPA who is attentive to their needs.
Net Client:
Net Client the game changer for our firm.  There are very few firms that use secure client web portals for their clients.  Most of our client are busy people, who enjoy the opportunity of obtaining their tax and accounting documents without having to call our office.  Net Client allows our client to safely and securely log into their accounting/tax records and make a visit to our office 24/7.
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